beta testers wanted for church accounting software

My friends at Aplos Software is looking for beta testers to test drive their new fund accounting software. And for being a beta tester, you’ll get 50% off the purchase price the software FREE! Watch the video to the right for a quick intro. And, here’s the invitation email below ::

I wanted to let you know that my little hobby software project I have been working on for the last year or so is finally done (at least for now). I would like your help to Beta Test the software.

First of all, what is Aplos? Aplos Software is a Simple, Efficient, and Flexible Fund Accounting and People management software. We are releasing with 2 products, one for small churches, and one for nonprofits. Churches and nonprofits have to practice Fund Accounting, and there isn’t really anything good out there currently. Quickbooks offers a nonprofit edition – you just have to read 2 textbooks to learn how to use it. We spent the last year finding out what these churches and nonprofits truly want and need and then built a software around that using the technology of today. Aplos has a Flash user interface, and has an average of 3 buttons per screen (not including close, maximize, etc.) compared to the 60 – 100 that our competitors have, making it really simple. We have really developed an easy to use accounting software, that also has a people database and contribution management system.

You will find everything you need to get started attached. Just begin with the instructions and go from there. You can expect initially to need only 5-10 minutes to download the software and get started.

I will email you a survey in the next day or so and another in about a week. For your time and two completed surveys, I would like to offer you half off the list price of $499 for the nonprofit or church of your choice. you get the software free!

Thank you again for your time and insights.

Dan Kelly

To be a beta tester, here are the related docs:

Aplos Software Beta Test Instructions.doc
Aplos Quick Start Guide
Data Set Narrative Church

After finishing the data set, please fill out this very brief survey about your initial impressions. After the survey, please use Aplos with some of your own data, and respond to a follow-up survey you’ll receive. Don’t forget to add a comment below to indicate that you’re an Aplos beta tester.

And, one more thing.

For the first one that complete both surveys and mention that they heard about Aplos from will receive a free copy! [updated: January 27th, 2010]

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