bathroom remodeling and emerging satire

While out of town, I had my bathroom remodeled. It’s a small bathroom, a part of a small single family house built in the mid-1940’s. You can look at some of the pictures taken while it was in progress. I’ll be painting it this weekend myself, since the contractor did not include it in their price. (I didn’t read the fine print, and I’m glad the price was kept below market average. My contractor was ATM Mechanical, found them via

Meanwhile, on the Internet, more satire/ parody/ criticism emerge against the Emergent/ emerging church conversation/ movement, including The Do-It-Yourself Group Blogging Kit for Emerging Religious Types (the BHT referred to in the comments is Boar’s Head Tavern) and The Sacred Sandwich: Throwing the Book at Postmodern Christianity. [update: danielsjourney deconstructs the emergent response to recent criticisms]

More voices out there than I could even try to keep up. And, I confess, I can no longer keep up with all my Bloglines subscriptions (672 feeds at the moment).

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