back to the past

this weekend is a retro trip to Dallas [the occasion: my best man?s wedding, finally getting married after years of hangin? on to his idealistic 7-C?s checklist for a mate; perhaps, the event of the decade in his circles], where I spent 4.5 years of my life doing the seminary thing + met my lover, and to think that was 8 years ago.. I?ve come quite a ways from there in these few years, perhaps undergoing more changes and transformations than an average person goes through in a lifetime. The thing about the mythical average person is that s/he doesn?t change all that much over the course of 70+ years.

Most habits (and personality, they say) are formed before the age of 6, and the rest is the mere playing out of the cards one?s dealt, if that. I?m pre-imagining some of the people I might run into, and the catching up conversations we might have. A few of them may know of my web presence, but I?m anticipating most of them don?t. The average person, or is it only those in my circles, to which I don?t feel all that sense of belonging anyways [those social patterns are prob established early on too in one?s respective FOO< /a>], aren?t much on keeping up over long distance and use the convenience + wonders of internet technology. If they?d only read this blog.

Enjoyed some stimulating conversations + dinner with TakomaMama this week, she?s one of those hit-and-run bloggers, and I learned a new term: shrink me. If I could afford it, I?d love to sit in a psychologist/psychiatrist office [shrink?s] every week to talk + process. Many people don?t like that b/c of social stigma or not wanting to be analyzed or not liking to talk so deeply; well, I love it.

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