back home from Innovation3 Dallas

I’m back home now, had been away since Saturday. That’s 5 nights in a hotel bed. While soft and cushy, couldn’t get the temperature right. More on the warmer hot side of things by middle of the night.

Just sent out a dozen personal video emails to thank the dozen deputized bloggers who provided way more #i3 coverage than I imagined! Know it’s way faster than a thank you card via snail mail. And with us new media types, maybe video email can be just as meaningful and personal. At least I hope it’s received as such.

A quick video update before I turn in. Need to catch up on my sleep deficit, and taking a long weekend off.

I’ll likely blog from a full-size keyboard some time this weekend, so you can read some of my germinating ideas. So glad and grateful I had the freedom to do lots of research & development during the tech breakout, as we had to improvise what to do with 2 out of 3 session speakers unable to be there.

Here’s one of the recorded segments of the tech breakout, a portion of interview with Terry Storch and Bobby Greunewald by Cynthia Ware — how’d it turn out?

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6 Responses

  1. tony sheng says:

    hey dj – kudos on the conf. i read some of the tweets and listened to that session via ustream with the lifechurch dudes and cynthia moderating. even without seeing the screen, the interaction was great and very inspiring. congrats and hope you have a restful weekend reconnecting with your fam.

  2. djchuang says:

    glad you could listen in to the tech session live, along with 60+ others. The video was specially enhanced to protect the digerati team b/c they're part of secret projects, so I think they had enlisted the help of the witness protection program 🙂 🙂

  3. great work with the deputized bloggers..for those of us who couldn't make it…it brought us a little closer! we have 2 video campus launches this week at Celebration Jax, FL- thanks for all your groundbreaking work in the past that's helped us keep doing this over and over and over…. -big John