back at base

now at my desktop PC in my basement corner, where some of my online activities from home, my son Jeremiah and 2 of his buddies are playing together and we’re hosting a sleepover for ’em all.. returned on the same flight back from Nashville, with the McLarens and another Cedar Ridger, Ken Archer, and a few other conventioneers on same flight.. had 2 flight announcements sung to us (only on Nashville flights?)

discovered a new conference-going technique on my closing day at EC: I’ll call it (for lack of a better term) serial seminaring. I walked into seminars for a minute or two, capture the idea being unpacked, go to the next concurrent seminar, repeat. Each seminar usu has a speaker unpacking basically 1 idea, and in 2 minutes or so, (some of) you can get its essence.. so in less than 15 minutes, I caught 7 ideas, instead of just 1.. sweet..

2 impacts I sensed at EC Nashville: (1) women leaders were empowered, and (2) bloggers were empowered. You can read about the women’s breakfast at other blogs, I hope to link ’em up later, Jonny’s summary is beautiful; and bloggers were kindly acknowledged by Announcement Boy (aka Mark O) as the means to continue the conversations that were started, as the EC website linked up about a dozen bloggers who chronicled at EC..

overheard: (1) attendance at EC Nashville was a little less than EC San Diego, which had 750 or so [both NPC + EC ?]; (2) Nashville is a much better venue b/c you can walk right out from the event site to a variety of restaurants, bars, museums, etc., and doesn’t require getting a rental car or bummin’ a ride; “Godfather” says even if they had “it” there for the next 10 years, it’d be a fun gig b/c there’s so much to discover; (3) rib eating tip, observed by “Godfather”: hold the ribs with wrists up, above the ribs [picture: hands positioned like touch typing], rip the meat off the ribs, enjoy a full rack..

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  1. Will says:

    DJ: I echo your sentiment on women being empowered. Great to see so many women at the conference as true participants. Also echo your sentiment on bloggers being empowered, although if they don’t have wifi next year who knows what we’ll be empowered to do!

  2. cheryl says:

    hey there dj, so good to meet you this week. the conference was amazing and your explanation of rss feed enlightening. 🙂 hope to chat again sometime soon.

  3. Dale says:


    Sorry for the repeated trackbacks, seems it sends a new ping each time I edit, and then your blog re-records theping each time to the same entry…….wierd. Maybe it’s something between MT and dotText (where my ping came from)


  4. DJ listed the bloggers who were at EC04

  5. DJ listed the bloggers who were at EC04

  6. DJ listed the bloggers who were at EC04