attitude vs. achievement

freshest thought, hot off the presses, just crossed my mind, while waiting for my laptop to boot up.. noticed this common theme among many Christians (when I say “many”, I don’t have a empirical quantitative measurement on it, whether it’s 30-50% significant numbers of, 50.1% simple majority, 66.7% majority, 85-90% overwhelming majority, or 91%+ almost all) that they value heart attitude and sincerity over all else, well, not just over all else, but to the detriment and neglect of other aspects of a person’s actions and thoughts..

one prominent communicator (former pastor, and I won’t use the word teacher here) often quips, “Your attitude determines your altitude!” Nice kitchy rhyme, but only a part of the picture.. it takes personal capacity, ability to work with others, quality control and planning, timely execution, for something to be achieved, something to be accomplished.. sincere attitude alone doesn’t do all that much. And for good people who have a quality standard, working in a Christian environ, some semblence of a non-profit organization, their call for higher standards gets chucked aside as “bad attitude” or “contentiousness”, when in fact, the attitude is genuine desire for excellence to the glory of God, and the substance of the matter is terribly mistaken for insincerity.. the tragic end result being, more often than it should, is poor qualityprograms all done in the name of sincere faith.. [cnx courtesy of Panera Bread‘s free WiFi]

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