Atlanta Q meetup

Today I’ll be en route to Atlanta Q for the rest of the week to participate in the Q boutique event. Q is all about ideating and wrestling with the complexities of embodying the Gospel to shape future culture.

I’ll meet lots of people, but probably not all 700+, including some other bloggers and a group that L2 Foundation is sponsoring. People I’ll meet for the first time: Kent Shaffer, Micah Davis, Kevin Doi, maybe Andrew Sikora, Kel Vick, Duncan McFadzean, Brad Abare, Scott Hodge, Josh Scott, Jan, Mike Foster of People I’ll meet again: Ken Fong, Gideon Tsang, David Park, Andy Crouch, Joseph Tsang, Paul Kim, David Hsu, Linda Lindquist-Bishop. Add a comment below if you’re going to Q.

[update] just found out Mark Batterson will be at Q too. [4/29/07] Other Q bloggers I found out after the fact: Aaron Linne, Jonathan Brink’s Wonderland, Chris Jarrell’s Facedown Worshipper, Marcelliott, Chris Bell, Michael Lukaszewski, Randall Littleton, Chris Capehart, Bryan Davidson, Jesse Perry (a non-Christian follower of Jesus), Mark Michael Miller, Brad Abare of Church Marketing Sucks, Martha Anderson, Barry, Seeward.

I should be able to live-blog my time in Atlanta at the L2 blog (using a broadband mobile internet card if need be).

[update] Now in Atlanta. In preparation for Q, attendees are reading this commissioned short paper, Influencing Culture: An Opportunity for the Church, by Gabe Lyons. I read it on the plane on the way here to Atlanta; Gabe makes a compelling argument for the culture mandate, and it sure beats reading a 600-page tome like “How Now Shall We Live“. (Linked with permission. Spread the word.)

Best way to find each other is using cell phones — mine is 202-494-3449. (btw, did you read about 20-year-old Ryan Fitzgerald, who posted his cell number on YouTube and invited calls; he got over 5,000!)

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  1. Todd Rhoades says:

    Hey DJ,

    Have fun… and if you do meet Andy Sikora, tell him I said hey. He grew up in my church (yes, in Bryan, OH). Small world! 🙂


  2. Reyes-Chow says:

    DJ . . . thanks for always keeping us in the loop. the event looks great. and yes, accuse me of always coming back to race, but . . . i would be curious as to the inclusion on Asian Americans in the conversation. Could there really NOT be one that was qualified and available out of 21 speakers?

    I raise this because i think one of the issues that the emerging/postmodern church has not dealt with well has been race. I suspect that there is some idea that class/socioeconomics outweigh issues of race, but that is just a thought at this point . . .

    Give David my best and have a GREAT time!


  3. I’m here! Looking forward to Q and hope to see you there.