at AWAKEN day 1

Here in Pasadena, at Awaken conference.. Looks to be 500+ in audience- maybe 70/30 mix of younger/older.. Loud opening style, lots of rhythm and loud dBs, not the passion-style sing-alongs.. Lots of energy! They got wifi setup, tho’ bandwidth may be jammed like being at a free wifi coffeehouse, who knows.. There’s 100s here

Will update my status @ – you can follow me there; Mike Goldsworthy is twittering @ Awaken too

[update] Eric Bryant has summary of Day 1 speakers; in all my years of being a conference junkie, I had never been to a Willow one or a Mosaic one, though I have been to a Saddleback one. Now at Awaken, I think I’m getting a Willow + Mosaic combo conference. Darren Plummer posted a day 1 summary too. Ben Arment posts a chart from Hybels’ talk. Eric Bryant blogs his regret, although I thought his idea came thru loud & clear, even if he feels like he didn’t get to say it enough.

Erwin kicks off Awaken

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  1. Lon says:

    sweet, keep twittering!

  2. Charles Lee says:

    I agree with you DJ. It would be nice to see the speakers engage new content. I’m sure that many like us who come to these conferences already have at least a general understanding of the perspectives of many of those presenting. I was hoping to see more interaction between various strands of thought.

    It almost got there during this morning’s panel before lunch when Erwin began to push back a little on Lee Strobel. Unfortunately, the conversation when on a semi-rabbit’s trail from that point. I definitely don’t fault the organizers. Creating an environment of honest critique with a group of higher profile presenters would be very difficult to do in this kind of large context.

    I did walk away with some great probing thoughts (especially from Rick McKinley from Imago Dei)…:)

  3. Charles Lee says:

    Sorry…my comment was actually for day 2…I guess I pressed the wrong button.