asking great questions

Brian McLaren shared these great questions yesterday, to ask in a kind and listening posture, towards normal people and fellow disciples (tho’ Jen would prefer to blur the distinction)

Questions for normal people:
1. Where are you in your spiritual journey?
2. Tell me about your spiritual life or religious background?
3. Do you have any kind of belief in God?
4. Have you ever felt you experienced anything like a miracle or intervention by God in your life?
5. Tell me about some of your heroes or mentors in life.

Questions for fellow disciples:
1. How’s your soul?
2. How would you describe you relationship with God and your neighbors since we last met?
3. Have you experienced God in some fresh or memorable way recently?
4. Has someone expressed God’s love to you recently, in word or deed?
5. Have you been able to express GOd’s love to someone else recently, in word or deed (especially to someone poor, elderly, lonely, or needy)?
6. What good things in life are inspiring you with gratitude to God and others these days?
7. What have you been worrying about lately? And how could you turn those worries into trust in God?
8. How have you cared for your soul in some way recently?
9. What spiritual practice are you concentrating on, and how is it going?
10. Have you forgiven or asked for forgiveness since we last met?
11. How have you been practicing joy? What good things or moments can you celebrate?
12. What small acts of kindness have you been able to practice lately?
13. Did a Bible passage help you in any way this week?
14. What experiences of prayer, meditation, and/or spiritual reading have you had lately?

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  1. timsamoff says:

    Awesome… My brother and I were trying to come up with some questions like these a couple of years ago. Thanks for posting them.