Asian and Christian?

Question> Allrighty, being a South Asian and all (indian) and a Christian, it is really important for me to know if it is really possible to retain a native Asian culture and STILL be a Christian. For example, is it possible for one to celebrate Chinese New Year and be Christian or to celebrate Onym (an Indian festival) and still be a true Christian since both of these celebrations have roots in non Christian origins.

djchuang>> I think you can retain much of native Asian culture (or whatever culture) and still be a Christian.

The distinction to note is this: that culture is changing over time, and certain values that have been acceptable at one point in time becomes unacceptable later (for example: slavery, women’s right to vote, Prohibition). Christians are certainly a viable influence upon the cultures of the world, as much as they can be influential in society on the whole, and in individual relationships.

Many (or most?) holidays have roots in non-Christian celebrations, so the holidays themselves are legitimate occasions to celebrate. How much you participate in the holiday and its rituals is a matter of personal conscience. (do realize that there are some elements that may be spiritually oppressive)

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