art at the mall

Makoto Fujimura is perhaps a most notable and accomplished Asian American artist, based on New York City, and connected with International Arts Movement (IAM) and Village Church. I briefly met him in person a while back, when I conference-crashed (cf. Wedding Crashers) an event where he was, along with Dallas Willard.

I just found his blog, where he’s shared profound insights into the value of art, like his recent thoughts: Why Art?

Art is everywhere, from the food we order in restaurants, to clothes we purchase, to paintings hanging on museums. Aristotle defined the arts as ?our capacity to make.” … Art expresses who we are.

Here’s my photo essay of a portion of my Sunday (today) afternoon at Westfield Shoppingtown Wheaton (formerly known as Wheaton Mall). Yes, you can see what I had for lunch, and what I bought at Target. I found this easier to pull off than to moblog- easier to upload all my photos from my digital camera in one fell swoop.

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