around the DC circuit

it was a particularly fun and energizing morning for me, to run a buzz with conversations at a conference that happened to be in the area.. if only there were a job where I could be a professional conference attender, and just meet people to exchange ideas.. (not to do event planning, not to do exhibits to pitch products nor services)..

one wrong turn around DC streets can put you in long pauses of stop & go traffic, even on a Saturday.. I’m grateful that my inadvertently delayed visit with Ken was kindly received, even tho’ I missed the window of time for which he had designated for hangin’ out.. great conversationalist, and astute observer of churches, philosophers, theologians, and history.. I’m happy to see him give blogging a try at, and hope he will find time to occasionally put forth his distinct and distinguished voice, and thoughts, online for all..

I particularly like his insight, where Ken blogged: “I’ve become convinced that Brian McLaren’s New Kind of Christian (NKOC) trilogy has touched on an issue more fundamental to the history of theological thought than any book in decades.

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  1. soup says:

    dj, thanks for this link, and many others; i’ve really made a sport of following your various “right-hand” blogroll links and seeiong where they lead me. your work as a blogscribe is appreciated. – paul soupiset. (soupablog)