arose early this morning again,

arose early this morning again, but concerned that my wake and sleep rhythm is not in sync yet ? symptom being dozing during the course of the day; so I stayed in bed an extra stretch, and was able to go back to sleep, and awoke about 6:30am, feeling much better, and getting my cardio at Fitness First in, doing it backwards, which notably worked different muscles.. that?s a good thing. Read about the changing face of Christianity in the world @ Newsweek.. couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that the Chinese Christians have no concept of personal sin nor original sin, b/c of their Confucian culture.. what do you do with that? what about concepts of public confession, forgiveness, restoration, and reconcilation? was it not Christ that gave us the ministry of reconciliation – not only to God but just as importantly (even synonymously) towards each other?

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