are people passionate

Do you think people are living life to live life, or do you think most people have a dream that they’re passionate pursuing? Fill in this short online survey on passion that a friend and I put together, and fill it in, so we can settle our curiosity and conundrum. [When I say most, I mean a simple majority (more than 50%), not 90% plus.] We’re running this little contest through the summer and drumming up as many people to this survey so we can get a sense of what makes people tick.

I’m of the opinion that most people are not passionate, and are hard pressed when having to decide what to do with their work and career and stuff like that. Resulting from that, there’s a high job dissatisfaction and also many who are not using their gifts and talents in the right places. And add to that people who are working in careers for monetary gain rather than for doing work that is worth doing because they were created to do that work. Lots of motivational speakers and job seeking handbooks talk about discovering your passion and defining a job to fit that passion. But this would add incredible frustration to the average person, if the average person doesn’t have such a passion. My own story is a wrestling with this concept, and it’s still a struggle for me; I’m a passionate person, as you can see my various interests on my web site, but I have a difficult time defining it and constraining it down to one job description and fitting myself into a career and vocation. So to optimize my satifaction from work, I’m working 2 jobs, each of which covers areas of interest. I have other interests too, but have to delegate those to the arena of hobbies, or something like that.

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