AOL Journals is what they’re calling their blogging tool

In the tradition of serving the masses (and some might say: dumbing down), AOL has revealed their blog tool?s name: AOL Journal. I don?t know what to think about that.. well, no, I do. I think it?s great that more people will share their thoughts online, and the easier it came be made, the more thoughts and conversations will happen.

I?ve done it now.. I?ve initiated a server transfer for my domain web hosting, so during this week some time, you may discover a service interruption when attempting to view this web site, something along the lines of ?server not responding?.

Hosted a dozen people at home this weekend, and I had forgotten all the things that needed to be done to prepare.. I did the clean up bit, so there wasn?t much stuff lying around, but I took up an invite to be at Jeremiah?s friend Evan?s birthday swim party, and hung out there for the afternoon, and hurried back to get food ready for the people coming over in 30 minutes or less.. good thing that Chris came over a bit earlier to help. He helped himself in b/c I had left the front door open most of the afternoon while I was out, and the paint was still drying on the newly painted door.. we used real plates and cups for pizza, wings, and sodas, and the dishwasher took care of the cleaning. This group that I hosted is part of an inter-church internship program, good mix of young potentially aspiring ministers, not necessarily professional vocational types, but ministering in the Kingdom of God..

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