Answers for your tech questions

Get your technology questions answered on a live chat-in talk show in the coming weeks. This live webinar is hosted by me, DJ Chuang, and I’ll take your questions during the Tuesday webinars as well as any time before one. The webinar series are free with registration. Here’s more details about the first show:

Session Title: Tech Steward Tuesday: What is the stewardship of technology?
Session Date: Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Starting Time: 2:00pm Pacific Time | 4:00pm Central | 5:00pm Eastern

Not every church has to Twitter and use every new media technology. How do you know which ones your church should use or not?

Join this 30 minute special preview of the Pre-Conference topic–Stewarding Technology in a Service of Worship–at all three of this year’s National Worship Leader Conference. This series is designed as a talk show, where DJ Chuang, network developer at Worship Leader magazine, will be discussing different topics and answer your questions about church and technology.

This Tuesday, DJ will be addressing the question, “What is the stewardship of technology?” Join the FREE chat-only webinar to explore how your church should be stewarding technology in the service of worship.

Starts Tuesday, but space is limited! Sign up here: [or goto
direct link to registration]

Future webinar dates will be:

  • June 8th
  • June 22nd
  • June 29th
  • July 6th
  • July 13th

[aside: I know this is happening right after Memorial Day weekend, but we were so eager to get this going! I hope this webinar will be a good break during your catch-up day on Tuesday.]

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