Andy Crouch has a new blog and a new book

Andy Crouch has a new book, Culture Making: Rediscovering our Creative Calling, that’s making its deserved rounds. You can even read the introduction and the 1st 5 chapters for free(!) [update 9/2008] there’s also a free group study guide for Culture Making.

The bigger news for us webheads is that Andy Crouch has not only a newly redesigned website, Andy is now blogging on a daily basis! The web address is – beautiful, isn’t it? [cf. RSS feed to Andy’s blog]

I’m very grateful to have a copy of Culture Making in my non-Nicotine-stained hands, and started browsing it this afternoon. The book presents a clear and compelling framework for what it means to live out the Gospel’s implications through the stuff of life that’s collectively known as “culture.” To use a trite term, it’s a seminal book that points to the notion of being missional, much more comprehensively. I think the book helps us, as Christians and as the church, to aspire to something more than mere community service or having an inspired motivation, but to develop our gifts and talents to serve society at every level / eschelon / sector and in every way possible.

Good Will Hinton recently interviewed Andy Crouchlisten there [or, link to mp3 audio].

And, has a very timely set of 5 questions about the Olympics with an open comment thread — love it!

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3 Responses

  1. Daniel Yang says:

    Half way through the book…DJ, have you read it and what are your thoughts about it?

  2. djchuang says:

    I've read almost half way, just a bit behind you. 🙂 I think the book is brilliant, and a much needed perspective for how followers of Christ, and those within the institutional church, must expand its scope to participate more openly and actively for the good of the world — without an evangelistic proselytizing agenda. That's hard to do for us evangelicals, granted, but we've got to find our way in the pluralistic global multi-faith world we live in.