an old friend invading my new media world

Caught up with a friend I’ve known for 15 years and she’s recently getting (really) into social media. Imei Hsu is starting up a couple of new things up there in Seattle, and she shares about them with you and me on this wetoku-powered interview video.  Imei Hsu is a performing arts of the dancer variety via | @hipsforhire |, bellydancing to be more specific, and also a registered nurse, and also a psychotherapist counselor via You can also find her in the social media world at | @VideoNurse | Yes, she gave a shout out to @chrispirillo.

Wish her the best as the premiere of Video Nurse launches on Mondays at 5:00pm Pacific — watch at Here’s a previous episode, Video Nurse Talks About Eating Disorders:

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