an ode to Mike Erre the preacher

Mike Erre is the Teaching Pastor at ROCKHARBOR. I’m actually not writing an ode, couldn’t do poetry if I got schooled, or, I’d get schooled for trying.

Mike Erre is about to start a new season as he transitions out of that role into the vast yonder unknown and steps out by faith. (cf. listen to audio of announcement before 4/25/10 sermon; link to mp3) Mike has authored 4 books:

You can also read blog posts, some philosophical, from Mike Erre at

Wikipedia describes Erre to be: “Considered by many to be a rising star among American evangelicals”, while Yelper’s describe Mike as: “phenomenal“, “A ‘tonsorially challenged’ guy named Mike, looking for all the world like a linebacker refugee from tutelage of Woody Hayes (he wishes!), is perspiring profusely, and rummaging through the Bible“, a big, bald, sweaty dude wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt walk around and produce stirring analogies and strikingly relevant parables to illustrate the workings of God in our lives, occasionally pausing to remind people not to rush the stage due to his extreme attractiveness, it’s just brilliant.

// [update] Talbot Seminary features Mike Erre about the value of seminary in this video //

Read a Next-Wave interview with Mike Erre about Jesus of Suburbia

And, on this video, Mike Erre discusses his book ‘Why Guys Need God‘.

And only God knows what’s next, since Mike’s confessed to not knowing, at least a month ago. Now, Mike’s not a guy that gets embarrassed in front of a crowd. Mike probably won’t get embarrassed by this blog post in front of the online crowd either.

I’m not sure when Mike’s last sermon or last supper will be. My prayer for Mike is clarity and courage as he ventures out. I’ve been on the adventure myself in this year 2010, and I’m still very much in the midst of that transitioning process.

[update] is under construction and appears to be the official website. Launch date unknown.

[update] 2010 Mike Erre Send Off video [on Facebook] shown at RockHarbor 6/27/10; announcement letter from Mike Erre to RockHarbor 4/22/10 via town hall

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