an insight about myself that

an insight about myself that resonates for me is: CONVERSATION IS LIFE. It’s one of the few things that I’m willing and wanting to sleep over, to engage in good conversation and dialogue with other people.. and what is it that makes good conversation? It’s not only talking about things that I’m interested in, for that would be too narrow just for me or anyone, although I’m interested in a wide variety of topics… but rather good conversations involve the desire to explore the various dimensions and perspectives of an issue. When people see an issue eye-to-eye or similarly or too much alike, there’s not much to talk about except to parrot each other, or worse, to demonize those who have differing perspectives. Demonizing is that “us vs. them” mentality that makes other people “evil”, when in fact we’re all in the same boat of the human race, and we all have much to learn from one another, and to treat each other and each other’s perspective with decorum and respect. This doesn’t have to be agreement, people! Be it the conservatives who demonize or the liberals who demonize, to be so dogmatic and so demonizing leads to ugliness rather than beauty.

Good conversation is getting to dialogue and debate on a friendly term. One of the foundational ingredients is friendship, and (from a message delivered by Gene Maynard re: life) as one older and wiser lady said when discerning the problems persisting in her nursing home, it’s a failure in friendship. It’s a failure in friendship that results in bad conversations, misunderstanding, strife, and unresolvable conflict. Resolving conflict is not about agreement. Resolving conflict is about restoring a friendship, and the desire for relationship over correctness of who’s right or wrong. My achillle’s heel is that I always want relationship and friendship, and it is those who don’t that perpetuate distance, strife, isolation, and competitiveness.

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