An Emergent Manifesto of Hope

I commented on Doug Pagitt’s post “What’s in a Name?” that gives the back story of how the title of this new book, An Emergent Manifesto of Hope, came into being. I’m very curious how this kind of a multi-author book gets published, and added my question into its comment section, with no reply yet. Maybe my trackback ping and mirror copy here will help raise its visibility:

Congratulations on this new hopeful book, and good to read a mini-deconstruction of how the book title came to be construed.

I’m curious, and perhaps a public forum is not the most conducive b/c it’s too transparent, how does an edited book with many different authors & contributors get published with a traditional publisher? From what I know of the publishing world, multi-author volumes allegedly don’t sell as well, and for a book to get published, it has to show some semblance of viability and profitability, or it doesn’t get published. So would this book project happened to have some extra sponsorship to make it viable? It’s okay to talk about money things some time right? 🙂

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