American as apple pie

just don’t drink it.. on the extended long commute home (2 accidents en route, as I heard on radio, so I was among the bailout), stopped by 7-Eleven b/c I was reading some recent buzz about its innovative flavor shots to go with your Big Gulp fountain drinks, tho’ nothing prohibits you from getting some shots in your Slurpee or coffee along the same aisle.. I gawked at the flavor shots, and decided to go for a bottled one.. picked up a limited edition “Snapple Pie”, their version of an apple pie drink..

and, how weird is that?! I’m into experimenting and all, and occasionally don’t want to be chewing, but drinking an apple pie was frankly too weird for me.. yes I bought it + tried it.. what’s next, steak & cheese?!

a business idea: I won’t be pulling thisoff, but would like to see them happen (and an acknowledgement to this blog would suffice)..

how about a movie portal where I can get the rottentomatoes ratings, theatre locations near me by zip code, and one-click online order of tickets.. I don’t like scrambling from fandango to moviefone to whatever-movie-online-tix to find the theatre that matches the movie I want to watch at the time I want to watch it.. there’s plenty of travel (air, car, hotel) portals that aggregate fares and rentals, why not movie tix?

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  1. credit card says:

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