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I love networking — meeting new people, engaging in dynamic and diverse conversations, making introductions when the opportunity seems probable or even remotely possible.. this entry sparked from recent find of: The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker (Keith Ferrazzi needs two PalmPilots to keep track of all his contacts, people like Bill Clinton and Michael Milken. But there’s far more to cracking the inner circle of the power elite than just taking names) and How to Become a Master Networker (Adopt these 10 traits, and you’ll have people knocking down your door trying to do business with you.) [refers to book titled Masters of Networking]

.. but my achille’s heel is that I don’t monetize it or use it for personal gain (and Keith Ferrazzi would probably cuss at me).. like Ferrazzi, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a habit, it’s part of who I am, tho’ I’ve not worked up the budget to fly first class nor always do power lunches and dinners, and won’t; I’ll have you know, I do dinner with my family 90-95% of the time..

.. and your worst suspicion and mine, these articles confirm, there really is a good-old-boys network.

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  1. It was great to read your thoughts on the article, but we now have a book out – let me know what you think. I actually thought the article missed a few key points, so i decided that my full point of view needed to be heard from my voice. Excited to hear what you think. Keith