almost Hotel California

got to hang out with Rudy for 2 nights this week, bantered with a handful of others about protest vs. invest re: social justice, economic development, The Movie [which I think is bound for a prequel — the Prophecy of, the Life of, and sequel — the Spirit of], and doing a startup dot-com in 60 minutes or less.. on the first night, the place we met at had keyed entries on both sides, and I couldn’t get out when I was getting ready to leave (thus, the tune of Hotel California echoed a refrain)… and today we swapped coasts & cities – Rudy’s still in DC, and now I’m in LA for about 5 days, will be at and visit w/ in-laws.. Mon & Tues nights will be in a hotel, other nights at a more familial setting down the road from Little Saigon..

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