almost blushed

Jen, or jenlemen as my lover likes to call her, wrote me an ode, almost made me blush.. no one’s every written me an ode, on their blog at that.. what’s a guy to do? what’s a guy to say? what’s a guy to blog? 🙂

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No Responses

  1. jen lemen says:

    but did you mention whyyyy??? 😉
    dj is too shy to mention it was his birthday yesterday (july 2), a fine occasion for an ode.


  2. djchuang says:

    for me to be blogging as long as I have about myself, you of all people should know it’s not about shyness.. it’s perhaps more about my value, or lack thereof, for birthday’s schenanigans 🙂 will you be announcing and writing an ode to self on Your Birthday?