allegedly premarital sex

recently received my issue of RQ (which sorta went on hiatus during a transition/ buyout/ merger), and it?s a hot issue on a hot topic: sex + grace.. the most provoking article, There’s No Such Thing as Premarital Sex, opens up quite a can of worms, and blurs the line (if I can say it that way) of what marriage is physically and spiritually vs. what it is legally and societally.. to move the label from immoral to unideal, or less than ideal, offers a better interpretation and understanding of the physical union, but sure opens up a lot of room for misreading the idea as condoning or approving it, when it seems apparent that the author (an upstanding pastor) is not condoning, but seeks to redeem and affirm and acknowledge that which is good, amidst the murkiness of good and bad in all that we do.. I do find it helpful to get out of the mold + constraint of thinking that any of us could have 100% pure motives or do 100% good in an action or thought.. it?s not about the measurement, and we don?t know for certain anyways.. we do aim as high and strive for the bestest and mostest, but 94% is still an A.. [nb: found 2 online discussions rollin? @ RQ Conversations and Liquid Forums]

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  1. irene says:

    My thoughts on that article are here.

  2. William says:

    I was thinking of all those people who stayed pure for their spouse and those staying pure, I wonder what they are thinking. I like how you put it “it blurs the line”, I thought it was condoning it. (I came across RQ via your blog roll earlier today. In fact I went to the previous commentators blog, and followed that to the article). I’ll have to re-read the article.

  3. Joel says:

    Hey,B loggers purity comes from God,anything we do in our own strength is sin.The blood is so precious and we all need it all the time.Outside of the blood we are ashes.Phil 4:6-8 is a place to start to hear God’s desire but he says “we work out our salvation in fear and trembling” therefore let us not try and measure our purity for we will all fall on our faces as we behold him in splendour and majesty at his return.