can you tell Asians apart (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)? Here’s a nify online test to see; I scored 11 out of 18..

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2 Responses

  1. IndyCoach says:

    DJ… Being a too-typical know-it-all American (LOL), and even having spent a little time in Southeast Asia, I thought I’d do pretty well of course.Guess you helped me prove to myself I don’t have the “gift of discernment”. **smile**I could have guessed randomly and still got the “6” I scored. Anyway… thank you, DJ. You & your feature today have become our feature today, at May God continue to bless your efforts in faith.YBIC,Neil

  2. parrobots says:

    Found an interesting site on alllooksame.

    Its point is generally “alllookdifferent”. Has a nice academic reference to “Northern European” alllooksameness.