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after several hours of cut-and-paste this week, I’ve got all the old blog entries migrated and entered into the latest and greatest blogging tool (personal publishing system, as the MovableType tagline would put it).. to look back, I started it all in June 1999 with Dreambook, a guestbook tool, chronicling my life as “an online journey”, and then meandered to for a longer run, then to (and then, Blogger Pro), and in July 2003, moving into MovableType.

had a phenominal meetup this morning with a sympathetic Asian American who is also marginalized, or shall I say double-marginalized.. neither of us fit in the typical Asian crowds, partly b/c we’ve rarely felt comfortable in the group-think, nor do we fit into mainstream America.. we shared our stories, called a few things like we see it, and it always perks my interest to find someone who is interested in how our faith is being lived and expressed through a local church, through events, through relationships, and through our vocation.. he’s one who gets it: we need to get more dialogue going, particularly among different Asian ethnicities, b/c we really do have more similarities than dissimilarities..

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    Looks good! was it difficult?