After a 2+ hour delay

After a 2+ hour delay at Jersey airport this morning, when we got up at o’dark-thirty to catch the originally scheduled 7am flight, we finally arrive in London, and get on the train to Victoria Station just before lunch time. Spent some extended family time, and the thought has to go thru one’s mind what it is about this type of relationship that keeps the conversation level at best cursory and small talk and rarely deeper and meaningful, yet at the same time, for most family members (as I’ve discovered when talking with non-family members) that they yearn for more meaningful conversation with other family members, but no one is able to break the ice, or break the years of habit deeply ingrained.. now I do commend my wife Rachelle, she’s made some bold efforts during the past few days, and I’m thrilled to hear of her checking in with me about the conversations that she’s tried to steer and incite, wonderfully curious, desiring for more.. but alas, some people just don’t want it yet.. (writing this from an easyInternetCafe by Victoria station, next door to the Victoria Apollo where an interesting Indian play is about to start within the hour).

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