How to Add a Custom URL to your WordPress Gallery Images

Not everyone wants to have a WordPress photo gallery with tons of features, bells, and whistles.

The built-in WordPress Gallery is almost enough for what a lot of people need and want for displaying a photo gallery, but it’s missing one little thing. Instead of linking the image to an attachment page or the media file, many users just want each image to link to a custom URL, cf. discussion forum “Custom Links on images within a gallery“.

One solution referred to in those discussions was to a blog post “Add a Custom URL to your WordPress Gallery Images” that’s now defunct. Good thing has a copy of that blog post; that post refers to a plugin called “Gallery Custom Link” authored by brewern in January 2013, tested thru WordPress version 3.5.1.

There’s also this WordPress plugin that’s more up-to-date: WP Gallery Custom Links that will allow you to add custom links to the image gallery. To have those images work with different Lightbox scripts, also use the Cleaner Gallery plugin. According to this discussion, these 2 plugins work well together.



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