actually experiencing new experiences

As much as I love the world of ideas + get excited about talkin? about them, actually experiencing new things sometimes take me a back. Yesterday I was recorded for an interview to be broadcast for a forthcoming radio talk show, to talk about building bridges of reconciliation with Asian Americans.. covered some issues of stereotypes, inter-generational and social dynamics, how to serve them.. and it was good for a first time showing, if I could maybe step back from the situation.. but all afternoon + evening I?m rehashing the mistakes I made, the things I forgot to say, the things I said that I wish I could take back, the stumbling over words, the hems and haws.. partly spiritual warfare, one might say, but partly my innate Asian American tendency to be perfectionistic and to be very hard on myself.. recalled a family saying that if your family doesn?t tell you the truth + criticize you, then other people certain won?t. Those voices. One observation in doing radio or live interviews is that it causes me to respond impulsively and think on my feet, and I don?t do so well with that, as I would with writing, when I actually have a few moments to form my words [tho? in a blogging media, I go more impulsive, but I still hit backspace and delete implusively too; on radio, not so much].. so when they let me know it?s air time, I?ll not hide under a bushel, and put the word out about its airing, and hope you?ll tune in via web or radio.

Now here?s a ministry workshop that I?d definitely enjoy:

Massage- A Hands-On Experience
A ?hands on? workshop to learn massage and the power of touch. Come learn seated massage. You will practice on each other and learn a seated chair routine before finishing the class.

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