accounting and database software for small churches?

I’ve heard through the electronic grapevine about a software under development, specifically to provide administrative support that are unique to a smaller church context. Someone on the development team described it this way:

My group is currently developing an accounting and database software for small churches (less than 200). It is cross platform and based on Flash GUI [user interface]. The goal behind it is to come up with a software that is written in the current decade that is so simple to use, anyone could do it. It is going to leverage off of the current technology to have the needed flexibility and it is going to be very affordable.

The software will soon be available for beta testing. We believe the product will speak for itself and not only be the cheapest quality product on the market, but also the easiest to use, so these church planters can focus on the ministry and not the administration.

What do you think? Do you know someone who could use software like this? I’d be happy to connect you with the developers to get you an opportunity to provide feedback that could make the software even more useful for you. Add a comment and I’ll make the connection offline.

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9 Responses

  1. zak white says:


    I am ALL OVER THAT. Hook it up!


  2. Gordon says:

    hey dj, yep, count me in. We need something, and I'll definitely help beta test.

  3. I definitely could of used it while church planting. I'm in “recess” right now but still like to know more about it.

  4. matt says:

    my church might be interested.

  5. MIke Edwards says:

    I'm definitely interested. We are in the process of planting now with the intention of networking as smaller household congregations.

  6. sergiorivas says:

    Definitely, our church is one. I have a db in access that I have modified, but since I am not that proficient on that software I wish was some things I could add.
    The problem is price, some people think all the church have $$$$ and that is not true. Second missions and programs are a priority. Will be nice to see it. Thanks you

  7. Louis Ortiz says:

    I am interested. I'll definitely help with a beta test.