A Wild Kind of Christian

[a lost entry reconstructed]

Many in the ill-named emergent church conversation are familiar with A New Kind of Christian, and as Jason Clark had aptly noted that Emergent is not the Emerging Church, there are several other ways that different types of churches are engaging the cultural changes in which we find ourselves.

Erwin McManus et al has their particular way of attacking it, and this news blurb, Renowned Hollywood Pastor Condemns “Civilized Christianity”, might suggest A Wild Kind of Christian. Erwin’s new book is titled The Barbarian Way : Unleash the Untamed Faith Within.

How’s that saying go, something about more than one way to skin a cat?

A precursor to these varied ways that churches are engaging culture was outlined in the watershed book, Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives. And Jason Clark has resurfaced that conversation with a somewhat familiar chart yesterday: How are you engaging with Emerging Church?

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