a rare political thought + my article

… been watching some of the war coverage on and off, and hearing of anti-war protesters around the country and world as well.. and slowly over recent times, I’ve been reading up on politics and politcal theory, and the ugly rantings of the liberals and conservatives, both terms often used as pejoratives, but used as reference points at this moment, and not being politically vocal personally, I do some of my civil duties in being a registered voter, and do my nominal duties to vote at major elections.. perhaps comparable to the way that many people do with their religious faith, except for me, I’m politically nominal, and spiritually active.. I do believe there should be vigorous debate of ideas, as such would be for political ideas, but I’m disappointed by the name-calling, stereotyping, selectivity of data (“facts”, perceptions, and statistics), guessing of motives and agendas, and veiling of one’s own presuppositions.. my observations: liberals seem to advocate personal freedoms, seem to think government should enforce personal opportunities and rights, seem to believe financial gain is often from exploitation; conservatives seem to advocate personal restraints (“morality”), seem to think government should enforce punishment for wrongs, seem to believe financial gain is from hard work.. at the moment, I think I’m personally “liberal” in my interactions, and civicly “conservative”.. mediaresearch.org thinks the media is too liberal + fair.org thinks the media is too conservative..

phuture.org published my commentary, Where are my people? on Asian Americans.. hope to spur some conversations.. thanks Rudy for rallying the multiethnic troops to flood the zone..

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