a new kind of magazine

Got an email this week from Joe Carter, about a new online magazine / network:

I’m the managing editor of Culture11 (www.culture11.com), a new online magazine/social network that was started by Bill Bennett, David Kuo, Steve Forbes, et al. Today is our first day and rather than trying to get attention using traditional media, we’ve decided to announce our launch by reaching out to our friends.

Our goal for the site is to build a community around irresistibly interesting perspectives on life in America. From pop culture to politics, from faith to family, you’ll find original and entertaining stories here from some of the country’s most dynamic voices. …

With your help, we can make Culture11 something truly extraordinary – an online destination that has the editorial excellence of a great magazine, the thrill of a terrific conversation, and the comfort of a supportive community all rolled into one.

Now, usually I don’t care (as much) about the context of a conversation, particularly during with someone f2f in person, as I’d counter-positioned myself in contrast with Stephen Shields over Monday night dinner at Chuy’s. Don’t think we have a photo of that momentus event, but there were 4 tweets: 1, 2, 3, 4.

However, when it comes to websites, one of the 1st things I do look at is the “about us” section, especially when they want me to sign up for a free account and register my personal info with them. The “about us” page at culture11.com is sparse (at the time of this writing), and no explanation of what “culture11” means, which is less of a concern for me.

So, good to find out names of some of the people behind culture11.com in the aforementioned email. Here’s a couple of links to what can be known about them (or, someone with the same names):

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