a happy road warrior

here i was, a happy road warrior, in NYC for the day on a business meeting (coming up and back via train), and online with my wireless modem, checkin’ in with my online life.. chompin’ on a bagel and schmear, and large coffee, outside of breadsoul cafe, nice mild summer weather, outdoors, people all around, guys behind me talking about import business and travelling…..

and i stop by blogger to see the latest — the great service hosting this journal blog [and btw, i have a number of other blogs on this site: my annotated web, pomo spirituality lexicon, dialogue with ePastor, notes from DTS], and i was going to write a nice journal entry from up here, being inspired by the blogger news at the top of the day about americangods.com, but my wireless connection stops blinking orange, no more green, and it’s flash red [on the Ricochet wireless modem, orange means online, green means the signals available, and red means no signal/ no connect].. i was surfing and nicely for a good 5 mins or so, and then.. nada. so no live journal entry, no live from New York, it’s dj’s outdoor cafe journal entry.. it’s an archived entry that i’ll have to upload later after i find a place with a signal. I don’t know if the signal vanishes after 9:30am, or i hit some sorta quota at 900K bytes transferred.. or a truck drove by and interfered.. it’s supposed to be an unlimited wireless service.. well, if i ever find out, i’ll let you know right here, same blog time, same blog channel. (hey, i just recyc’d power on the modem, and i’ve got signal.. so i’m uploading it LIVE from NEW YORK!)

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