a giving challenge to Chinese American Christians

I have no idea who all might visit this website, so thought I’d put it out there to see how it can reach the right person(s) who could respond to this incredible opportunity to support Kingdom work in an upcoming event that “the Lausanne Movement” is having in South Africa called Cape Town 2010 this October 16-25, that’ll gather 4,000+ Christian leaders from around the world to address global issues on behalf of the Church.

I received this email today from a reliable source (not named just in case that’d be a sensitive matter) about the Cape Town 2010 financial need & fundraising effort as it pertains to Asian Americans :

In the last couple of weeks, an Indian American businessman and a Korean American businessman both pledged $1 million each to Lausanne World Congress to further the work of world evangelization.  The mainland Chinese house church leaders under pressure and attacks from the government have just sent in their final total amount of $350,000 to Lausanne to support 100 neighboring participants from developing countries in South Asia and Africa yesterday.  An Overseas Chinese church in the US has pledged $7,000 USD.

Lausanne World Congress Contribution Pledges: (last 2 weeks)

Korean American =      $1,000,000

Indian American =       $1,000,000

Mainland China =      $350,000

Chinese Am =        $7,000

The Apostle Paul in (II Cor 8:1-15) encourages the Corinthian church to “excel in this grace of giving” by showing how the Macedonian churches who “under the most severe trial and extreme poverty welled up in rich generosity”.   With less than a month to go and another $2 million yet to raise, I want to ask the Chinese American church.

“With Lausanne III congress being possibly the most significant event for World Evangelization and Missions and especially the church in China in the next decade, where are the Chinese American and Overseas Chinese American Christians?”

…  With only 3 week left, time is running out.

… due to time urgency, please feel free to pass this message along to any Chinese American or Overseas Chinese Christian who has a heart for missions and the gift of giving

While I realize that when it comes to major donor gifts and donations, it almost always requires a personal relationship to make that connection, my hope in posting this in the open is that it’d raise awareness of the need and even a topic of conversation about giving and generosity in an Asian American context. If you know of someone who’d want to financially support Lausanne, whether Chinese American or not, please contact me and I’ll promptly put in you touch with the right person.

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