a giant mouse pad

I’ve been too skimpy on office supplies, making do with my laptop and trying to be 100% digital. It’s not working. I’m starting to use written notes so that I keep a few urgent and important things visible and tangible.

While making an errand by the office supply store, I was inspired to be more strategic and found this pad to enhance my productivity — a giant mouse pad. Okay, it’s actually called a desk pad, but it sure looks and works like a giant mouse pad.


So what’s really nice is that my desk is now protected, and I have this huge surface for my mouse to roam. It’s even made from a minimum of 30% post consumer content. Several other features mentioned in the product description:

Artistic Products LT-61S Rhinolin Desk Pad, 20″ x 36″

Protect your desk and provide yourself with a clean, even writing surface. The World’s Finest Writing Surface™ self-healing surface “gives”, making sure shallow cuts, nicks and pressure lines disappear. Offers you a nonreflective, antistatic, antibacterial and fatigue-reducing writing surface. No surface irregularities to impede writing–helping you obtain and maintain a professional look on all documents. Foam backing protects the desk and ensures a strong grip.

Made of 100% natural ingredients. Smooth surface promotes writing comfort. Foam-backed surface keeps pad in place and protects desk surface. Antibacterial, anti-static, nonglare surface. Can be used in place of your mouse pad. Black.

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1 Response

  1. Joe Suh says:

    Nice. I think I'll order one. $32 is an order of magnitude cheaper than glass, which is what I've been looking into to protect my desk top.