A Day in the Life

Today was Monday, May 9th, and I made a valiant effort to unleash all the technologies at my disposal to put together a lil’ documentary of my life. Mostly as a proof of concept, and an attempt to show people a slice of my life.

It took way more effort than I had energy for; for some reason I was tossin’ and turnin’ in bed at 3:00am last night, for hours it seemed. I did snap some photos, I did make a couple of podcasts and audio blogs (which will get posted later this week, after post-production). But no vlogs. And 1 blog entry – this one.

Brief comments + lessons learned: Those photo essays are much more difficult to do than it looks. The professionals know how to capture the moment, and anticipate them, so that’s when a picture can be worth a thousand words. My pictures might be worth a word or two at best. 2ndly, my batteries in the digital camera couldn’t last a whole day, barely half of one. And I wasn’t taking that many photos. 3rdly, best photo of the day – not b/c of its great quality per se, but it seemed poignant and maybe even spiritual significant that this shadow of a cross overlooked my screen, while I was reading today’s controversial topic at jenlemen.com (but then again, when is jenlemen.com not controversial *grin*):

reading jenlemen.com and this poignant cross shadow looked over - spiritual protection over a controversial topic?

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