a Conversation between Keller, Piper, and Carson

Astonishing to hear Tim Keller say at the begining of video segment 2 of 6, “I disagree completely…” Watch the videos for context of this conversation between Tim Keller, John Piper, and D.A. Carson.

The video is shot in real-time conversation between 3 persons, which is way more visually interesting than the typical interviewer-interviewee dialogue. [the video’s shot in black-and-white, no need to adjust your monitor]

I’ve put the 6 video segments together in this playlist for contiguous convenient viewing. [aside: why I like Keller more than Piper]

This series of 6 video segments was shot at the 2008 leadership conference for The Gospel Coalition. The video was recently released last week on YouTube and has a few 100s views. I’m anticipating the view count will go into the 1,000s soon. [update 11/8 – view count for part 1 is over 1,500, with viewing of next 5 parts declineing in count]

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17 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Did he say “I disagree completely” or “I just agree completely”?

  2. djchuang says:

    Mark: thanks for your question. Based on the context, it does seem to be a “disagreement” between whether mercy ministries is worth continuing even if there is not evangelistic fruit.

    Maybe Keller or someone who was there can stop by and clarify the exact wording stated.

  3. marcpayan says:

    A few notes that stood out to me while viewing:

    * “…pastors who will mentor them not just hire them and give them the youth ministry, but mentor them. They will never preach unless someone has gone over their sermon before and then goes over it again afterward…”

    * “There is a necessary balance in the way a church ministers. There must be an asymmetry where you're giving pride and place to evangelism that doesn't eat up the ministry of caring for the poor. There will be a balance in the way the ministry goes because they give the evangelism and gospel priority.”

    * “If don't give the gospel priority you actually lose the balance and you end up being a church that is just trying to improve social condition.”

    Thanks for the post. I forwarded to a few friends in ministry.


  4. Thanks for creating the playlist. that was a great video to watch…. lots of stuff you can take away.

  5. erin says:

    well that was uncomfortable.
    more white guys using hell to justify evangelism over justice. at what point is the privileged position they occupy understood to affect their interpretation? Keller seems a bit more balanced, though his efforts to rebuff gnosticism/dualism seem ultimately undercut by an emphasis on salvation by conversion prayer/mental assent. His explanation in the 2nd clip, where he disagrees redeems a lot, but then it's back to discussion of “evangelistic intent” as if the gospel were something separate than the justice being done. Made me interested to hear more from Keller, though.
    (Really glad Ajith is in the coalition, though.)

    great clearinghouse DJ, it is helpful to stay abreast of things 🙂