a best find: T’s Boba

a best find: T’s Boba at T’s Place, next to Peter’s Place located at 23816 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA. Wow, this place has the biggest spread of mixed tea drinks I’ve ever seen (not that I’m the most experienced), with standard boba tea, but even better, pictures and samples, personalized and customized drinks, small tapioca balls combined with large bobas, milk icys that rival Jamba Juice (didn’t think that was possible!).. join the chant now- bubble tea, bubble tea, bubble tea.. those of you in the Southern Cal area, make your pilgrimage there! And if you ask nicely and mention my web site, you might get an extra stamp on your frequent drinker card! 🙂

dropped in at the Ev Covenant regional conference hosted at Newsong, hottest Asian worship band sound I’ve heard to date, and great inspiration from Leonard Sweet, again the master of futuring, imaging, metaphors..

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