8 web apps for online notebooks

One of my main StrengthsFinder themes is INPUT ::

People strong in the Input theme have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.

Yes indeedy I love gathering information. I’m a data pack rat. No information overload. I don’t keep it in my brain nor on my hard drive. I prefer to save my finds in an online notebook – for access from almost anywhere there’s internet access, including a friend’s smartphone or public library. Here are free online notebooks I’ve found and some of the features that I noticed:

  • evernote – this one is robust with tons of features, able to store photos, audios, PDFs, text, Word Docs; has bookmarklet, Firefox add-on, desktop app, iPhone app, so many different ways to post and to access info; paid premium version goes for $45 per year for extras [here’s my public notebook powered by evernote]
  • logos

  • ubernote – this looks like a robust online notebook web app, so much so that one user moved to ubernote from evernote; yes, it’s got a Firefox add-on toolbar, and a paid premium version in the works
  • diigo – this online notebook can gather notes, make lists, and keep bookmarks, plus has community features to share notes with others in the diigo network, and you can post sticky notes on web pages to add & read comments; Firefox add-on toolbar or bookmarklet; integrates with delicious.com; has an import from Google Notebook function but I couldn’t get it to work
  • springnote – this one is based on an editable wiki idea, and developed in Korea, so it can handle English, Korean, and Japanese; personal and group notebook; this has an iPhone app too
  • Zotero – this one is more tightly integrated with a Firefox add-on extension, and has a stronger academic researcher feature set to manage bibliography citations; not sure where the actual notes get stored
  • springpad – this web app is more than an online notebook, and has all kinds of apps that you can activate to organize your life, like recipes and reviews and lists, more than notes
  • Zoho Notebook – gather tons of content, and even has version control to track changes, which is very useful if several note collectors work collaboratively
  • Google Notebook – this was a good online notebook, but the software has ceased development is running on cruise control, or as I’ve said on several occasions, put on ice.

Which online notebook web app do you use, and why do you love it? While it’d be great to keep everything in one place, that also means all the risk is in one place.

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10 Responses

  1. @jeffjaner says:

    Thanks for the springpadit.com mention. As you noted, we're more than online notebooks, especially with our recent introduction of social sharing, partnerships that make collecting data even easier and apps to use your content.

  2. Charles Lee says:

    Great list DJ! Really helpful.

  3. Thanks for this list, DJ. I've recently been revisiting the way I collect information and have been looking around for different tools. This was very, very timely for me. Thanks a ton.