5 ways to develop leaders

Leadership is big business. There’s over 3,200 products tagged “leadership” on amazon.com. This leadership industry of selling goods and services shows there’s tons of interest in leadership development amidst organizations of all kinds: government, business, corporations, non-profits, ministries, churches, et al.

Since leadership development has become a big part of my work life via L2 Foundation and Leadership Network, I’ve found basically 5 ways (programs, methods) to train and develop leaders:

  • cohorts – a group of leaders get together regularly over time and provide peer-to-peer feedback to spur on one another’s leadership development
  • conferences – event that brings a larger number of people together for more of an inspirational experience
  • courses – teaching content about leadership in some kind of an educational and cognitive manner, class size could be small or large, and volumes of knowledge gained
  • coaching – a personal coach gives coaching feedback to the leader
  • residency – the mentor and apprentice(s) work and/or live in the same place, blending both content and practice, both coaching and and intangible character formation

All of these ways to do leadership development. What’s missing? Are there any other ways? Please let me know!

Aside: I just started reading a preview copy of a forthcoming book, Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence, by Mark Kate Morse. Unlike many (most?) other leadership books filled with pithy sayings and illustrative stories, the author calls out the rarely-addressed issues of power and space, exploring the dynamics of body language and inter-personal relationships. These have to be addressed! This looks like a very valuable book I’ll read through in its entirety.

And then, there are some individuals that are naturally gifted leaders, who can still benefit from training programs, but they’ve already had a head-start out of the womb, and unless they mess up ethically or morally, those are the “leader of leaders”.

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11 Responses

  1. djchuang says:

    Thank you hdztribe http://twitter.com/joehernandezATL for adding comments to the detailed Leadership Development chart on Google Docs; I've updated the chart with your input.

  2. Greetings: Also one-way forms of communication of ideas like books and websites. The key is finding recommendation to the right one. For our latest book, Leadership: Texas Hold 'em Style we use a companion website as a means to update the text and incoroporate reader feedback. You can see more at http://www.pokerleadership.com

  3. bookluver321 says:

    I personally have found great leadership skills through reading books. My latest personal favorite, “Noble Enterprise,” by Darwin Gillett.

  4. human3rror says:

    excellent post here. i love the coaching one particularly.

    aside: are you seriously related to @jowyang? that's nuts.

  5. djchuang says:

    no, I'm not blood related to @jowyang, I think he meant “cousin” in a very broad Chinese kin sense; he does share the same first name as my son, though

  6. Tom Steers says:

    my personal mission = raise up leaders

    but……. how does a person do this without being paternalistic….. spiritually (just accept what 'they' feed us) or culturally… or gender-wise or age-wise.

    so how did our Loving Leader lead me:

    basically it is Leadership Dev. via PRAYER.

    Some excellent strengths of this approach:

    When I am in prayer with a person or people:

    1. No one is in charge…but HIM alone
    2. No one is “of color”
    3. No one is male-female-bi-trans-etc.
    4. No one is younger or older
    5. All people are totally equal before our LEADER…..
    6. All people, hopefully, are totally broken + humble + open to
    the Spirit who will lead.

    Jesus said that the work of the ministry or the work of GOD is TO BELIEVE.

    Then praying together is the MAIN avenue of doing HIS ministry
    since it is the one posture we have to be believing in HIM.

    The beauty of this is: HE isn't so hyped about organizational
    leaders, but HIS love is for Kingdom leaders….. who operate in
    the Kingdom realm more and more and more, rather than in the
    human realm as shining institutional leaders.

  7. human3rror says:

    ah, typical. everyone “asian” is somehow related… right? (this is a joke to those who are not “in”)…


  8. anguria michael says:

    I like your work and taeching about leadership.
    I am searching for funds for capacity building.