5 shortcuts to reading the Bible

Delighted to hear Scot (jesuscreed.org) McKnight in person this afternoon, talking about how in the world we can have the confidence to know what parts of Bible apply today and what doesn’t. He suggests that there’s a third way to read the Bible, less of a pick & choose, and more of an adopt & adapt discerning kind of way.

In the middle of the talk, he observed 5 shortcuts to Bible reading, implied less-than-ideal::

  • Morsels of law
  • Morsels of blessings and promises
  • Rorschach ink blot
  • Piecing together the puzzle of God’s mind
  • Maestro approach

They’re selling MP3s for $6 each, probably more of a production quality. I recorded a raw unofficial audio a few minutes after he started ranting about blue parakeets — listen to 2-part audio below:

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Scot wanted to be quoted saying: “Calvinists, who believe most in the Noetic impact of the Fall seem to believe it has affected their system the least.” the Noetic effect that has affected all humanity, somehow has affected Calvinism the least?!

Scot McKnight belives that the Bible is a collection of wiki stories. That, we construct the story based on the wiki stories in the Bible, based on wiki stories of The Story.

His 3 keywords to reading the Bible: story, listen, and discern.

Scot’s closing mantra: In moses day in moses way… God speaks today in our way, as we discern together in community.

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  1. Bob Hyatt says:

    “Calvinists, who believe most in the noetic impact of the Fall seem to believe it has affected their system the least.”

  2. DJ,
    Great to meet you brother. So glad you introduced yourself so I can put a face on that name! That 4:50 flight was my only chance to get home without a redeye (I’m too old for that).

  3. Tim Liu says:

    I appreciated Scot’s thoughtful Hermeneutics Quiz over on Leadership Journal. Good food for thought and grounds for discussion.

  4. djchuang says:

    Scot, thanks for the comment here, I kinda thought you had a good explanation for bolting out like that 🙂 Glad you’ve made it onto your flight – I don’t like redeyes either.

  5. Thanks for the audio. I feel Scot is very conservative on many issues, but I think he is on the right track about this. He is doing a great thing for the church. If I had heard of him when I was an Evangelical I might not have been so eager to leave.

    FYI… the first point you missed is “Morsels of law”

  6. Oh, oh… it’s the kiss of death to be called “very conservative” in emerging circles.