4th annual briefing on international missions

Since Tallskinnykiwi blogged about the 2nd Annual Foundation Briefing on International Missions, I think it’s okay for me to selectively post some sound bites from the 4th annual foundation briefing on international missions. This time it’s here in metro Washington DC, and the venue has an open WiFi connection. So I’m live-blogging this.

Andy Crouch of the Christian Vision Project is sitting next to me, and he’s got 2 coveted spots to talk over our meal times, tonight and tomorrow.

Jim Haney (director of IMB

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  1. tony sheng says:

    hey dj
    that sounds awesome.

  2. peter ong says:

    It is hard to quantify the value of short terms missions trip because it is the mutual engagement of those involved as a layering effect of growth and understanding. I know that there has been some “quantifiable” studies that it doesn’t make an impact but I think that there are some profound moments of insight for those who go and those who receive. I think just giving money is a hollow way of approaching missions. It is a reality but an incomplete one. I think that if there are a long term (not a flavor of the year) approach to short term missions where there is a strategic and accountable integration of the work towards a real impact then I think it is worth exploring…it is a healthy relationship that is not just a financial exchange but one of mutual sharing. those are my thoughts…

  3. christina lee says:

    thanks for the summary! i will definitely check out some of these links.

  4. say hi to andy and others i know there. and have a great time. hope it goes well for you