35 Color Themes for Adobe Ideas

I love Adobe Ideas! I had used Adobe Ideas for the iPad (on a borrowed one) for several months. I just found out it’s also available on the iPhone! Having tried dozens of handwriting & drawing apps, Adobe Ideas is my current favorite. What I love about this little Adobe Ideas app:

  • clean. its simple and clean user interface with just the right amount of functionalityso it doesn’t feel cluttered
  • space. the zoom in and out with intact resolution bc of vector-basedness gives me ample space to draw, dream and doodle
  • colors. takes a photo from the camera or the gallery and extracts a color scheme, and dozens of schemes at your disposal — not limited to 8 or 16, or color settings that don’t get remembered for later use
  • smoothing. makes even my handwriting look good; not like other drawing apps that are too literal and show hand-drawn lines in that ugly jaggedy fashion
  • layers. toggle the draw layer and the photo layer. i use it for drawing on a web page photo snapshot and getting a nice wireframe analysis
  • undo. read somewhere that adobe Ideas has 50 undos, tho’ i’d never se that many. easier to erase or create a new one
  • free. with features as is, i’d pay for it, but wouldn’t know unless i got to try it all out. one feature that’d make it even more pay-worthy would be easy download to desktop via sync. emailing PDFs one at a time is plain tedious.

To load up a bunch of color themes into Adobe Ideas, I pulled these color scheme palettes from the popular ones at www.colourlovers.com and kuler.adobe.com ; it’s too bad the Kuler app is Flash-driven and thus iPad and iPhone unfriendly.

So this is my workaround, hope you find it helpful. Browse thru this Picasa photo album, take a snapshot using the sleep + home buttons, then use the color theme maker in Adobe Ideas to get it “imported.”

If only Adobe and Apple would get along, or if Ideas and Kuler could sync, we’d all be happier… know of an easier way?

And, here’s my color palette dubbed “Bold Saturation 5” that I put together via colourlovers.com:

What color themes do you use with your Adobe Ideas? Would you post it online and share the wealth?

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