3 tips for how to do interviews well

Beginning to find an up-tick of more people using wetoku.com — a very easy-to-use web app to record video interviews. (e.g. @jdblundell, @marcpayan, @decart w/ @charlestlee about Idea Camp Portland …)

Here are 3 good tips for how to do an interview well from 2 veteran radio interviewers:

  1. Listen to who you’re interviewing
  2. Don’t ask a question and then give an answer
  3. Give time to answer

[Parental advisory:: 1 example mentioned in this video may be too much for the easily offended]

Video via How to do a good interview with @docrock & @LanaitheDJ and linked at wetoku blog. And there was 100 invites to private-beta wetoku over there for the takin’.

[update: unfortunately, wetoku.com went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]

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14 Responses

  1. Jeremy Young says:

    Great tips, thanks.
    I am looking at doing some pod-casting soon so I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind.

  2. Jeremy Young says:

    I tried to tweet this post but I got an error saying your url is known as malware you may want to look into this.

    • djchuang says:

      My website was hacked on Sunday, and that made it red-flagged on Google and Twitter, and other websites and browsers that use their vetting process. I've cleaned up on my website, as you can see, and Google has cleared me for take off. Twitter is not quite real time on this. Still waiting…

  3. jdblundell says:

    Thanks for the link love. I appreciate all your doing!