3 things about twitcam you might not know

Online Experiment #231. After a couple of tries of using twitcam.com to livestream in conjunction with my secondary twitter account @djchuang247, there were a few aha’s that weren’t all that obvious to me, especially with a minimalistic web page design. The minimalism does make it very easy to use, granted.
3 things and then 1 aside:

  1. When people post a tweet in the Chat Live window and click “Say”, my twitcam URL will be added to the end of their tweet. That’s a very infectious viral way to get the livestream URL out to the masses. But, to the unsuspecting viewer, it’s an unexpected surprise. And, it cuts down your character count from 140 to 95. Tip: abbrv8.
  2. When or if I reload the web browser window, then I can’t go back to broadcasting on a previously-activated twitcam URL, because twitcam instantly stops recording and starts archiving the video. You cannot pick up and continue livestreaming. So if you tweeted a URL, and people were still jumping in, you’ll have to send out a new URL. In other words, these twitcam URLs are one-time livestream use.
  3. Every viewer that wants to chat has to have a twitter account. It’s one more step that occasionally I don’t want to hinder the viewer with. I think it’s Ustream that has a config option to allow or disallow viewers to type the chat room without having to register. Viewers can watch without chatting, though that’s much less interesting.

And a side note. By having the chat room melded with a twitter account, it can quickly clutter up the twitter stream. Just what we need *sarcasm* : more side chatter to welcome the fail whale because we miss it.

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