2nd day of conversations

Loads of conversations means less blogging. I recorded a couple of short interviews that’ll be posted over at the Leadership Network book blog in the coming week. Last night I switched location from the thrice-sold-out Multi-Site Conference in Vista to the site of the National Pastors Convention in San Diego. Ran into Tim Conder and Bob Hyatt. Below are 2 video excerpts from plenary sessions of the Multi-Site Conference. I’ll link over to info for ordering CDs of the full talks if/when they’re available. Sorry, audio CDs are only available to conference attendees at this time.

Mark Driscoll answers the 1 key question about why they do what they do:

Dave Ferguson describes a benefit of launching a multi-site campus:

One person asked me how I did these videos, thought I’d share my tech tip with all of you too. I used a small dove-bar size digital camera, Pentax Optio S50, which takes normal 2 AA batteries and uses an SD memory card. The camera is circa 2004. There are many digital cameras that have a video mode, great for short video excerpts, YouTube style. I love it for its pocket size, quick playback, and how it uses normal batteries I can buy, so I don’t have to carry a charger. I use a SD memory card reader to quickly download videos to my laptop. Using a free blog website like Blogger or WordPress, a short-term missions team, for example, can report back to home base about in near real-time. Of course, you’d need an internet connection and laptop too.

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5 Responses

  1. Cynthia says:

    dj – appreciate the videos but more importantly – appreciate your tech tip. The specific details of how you provided the clip is very helpful to those of us who don’t have all the technical know how down yet. And you Kept it Simple.

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks DJ. Would be interested in hearing how your record your interviews as well.

  3. djchuang says:

    Justin, actually, the Pentax Optio S50 also has an audio recording mode, so in the same manner, I could record audio (aka podcasts) using the same handy-dandy electronic gadget too.

    For the interviews I just did, however, I used a sleeker work-issued handheld unit, the Olympus WS-320M Digital Voice Recorder, which uses just 1 AAA battery, has plenty of built-in memory. One battery can record almost 15 hours, and the memory can hold maybe 100+ hours in high-quality mode. The best thing about this recorder is its small size, efficient battery use, and the built-in USB port. For portability, for me, it’s all about using conventional batteries and no extra cords and wires and chargers.

    And once I get the original recorded audio files, .WAV format, onto my laptop, I use open-source freeware Audacity to clean up the audio quickly (compress and normalize), cut off the starting and ending noise from my hitting the record and stop buttons, export it as an .MP3 file, then upload it onto a free audio hosting site like Podomatic.com or Odeo.com .

  4. Joe Chen says:

    Thanks for the tech tip! We’ll be making a trip northwards one of these days… will catch up with you when we do.