2.5 weeks in review


We’ve arrived at our Southern California destination (Westminster) all in one piece, praise God! The moving dotted white lines should stop playing in the back of my eyelids in a day or so. Many thanks to the sponsors who help defray the cost of this cross country move!!! We logged 4,072 miles, posted a total of 38 blog entries and 142 (select) photos over (yes, Rachelle blogged a dozen times.) Pseudo-random highlights of our trip (or you can read all 38 unfiltered entries):

Blogging will resume here at the top of next week, no need to blog into the weekend when readership typically declines. Plus it’s summer vacation season, so readership is typically lower for months until the new school year starts up.

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2 Responses

  1. danny says:

    glad to hear of a safe and completed journey!

  2. Justin says:

    Welcome home! Enjoyed following your adventures over the last few weeks; still find it amazing that you moved without a moving van!

    Hope things go well as you settle in.